Aug. 10th, 2011

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(I took care to give no obvious spoilers about the story)

Title: Moshie Cat - The true adventures of a Majorcan kitten (on Librarything)
Author: Helen Griffiths
Format: paperback
Pages: 129
Year published: original 1969, my edition 1977
ISBN number:067129816X
Reason for reading: In elementary school I borrowed the Dutch version (title "Misjo") from the library. It was a very old book, but I really really liked it. When I wanted to borrow it again a short while after, it wasn't present at the library anymore. They had book sales of old books and I suspect they put the Misjo book in the "sales" as well. I wasn't able to find it for a very long time, but last year it appeared on Bookmooch. However, the person offering it only sent within the USA, but as someone else in the USA was filling a box of such books for me, I asked if she wanted to mooch it and put it in the box as well. It took a while, but now I could finally read the book again :D

Back cover text:
Moshie Cat was born in a small, protected orchard on a beautiful island. He had his mother beside him, plants and trees to explore, and brothers and sisters to play with. Then, one day, he was taken from his mother to catch mice for a neighbor. Moshie's life became one of uncertainty, new challenges, and surprises. Moving from home to home, he made both human and feline friends. He sometimes experienced cruelty, sometimes kindness. Never short of adventure, Moshie explored the grounds of a dangerous building site, dared to ride the elevator in a hotel, and pulled through a case of pneumonia. He finally found a loving family and all the friends any cat could want.

First alinea of the first chapter:
Moshie Cat was born on a beautiful island, an island covered with hills and pine trees and heather and surrounded by a sea that is almost as blue as the sky.
He was born in a little village which straggles in a triangular fashion in a valley at the bottom of a steep range of hills. The village is not far from the coast and from its highest streets the sea is plainly visible, shimmering silver in the sunlight, across a vista of orchards and isolated palm trees.
It is a village full of white or sand-brown houses with red roofs and green shutters. Each house has a small garden or a strip of orchard, and it was in one of these orchards that Moshie Cat was born.


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