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Name:Book Reviews
Location:United States of America
Website:The Reader Eclectic
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Review and discuss what you're reading

What is [community profile] book_reviews all about?

This community exists to provide a forum for book reviews, whether they be about literary, genre, or novelty works. We also accept reviews for other things, such as short stories and graphic novels. Members should feel free to post at any time to review or discuss anything they're reading. We're really very open here, so don't feel limited.

Are there any rules when posting reviews?

Only one, really. When posting reviews, please put some part of your review in the post. Please don't post only a link. Yes, you may link to your full review at another location, but please include either a general overview/response or some excerpt from your review along with it. Other than that, the style of your review is entirely up to you.

Also, if there are a lot of spoilers in your review, please indicate as much in your post.

When posting reviews, tags are very much appreciated. Please include the tag "reviews" as well as tags for the "genre(s)," "author's name," and "your dreamwidth name." In some cases these tags may already exist, so just watch and see if anything auto-fills as you type them.

Does this community only accept reviews, or may I post other things?

Though primarily a review community, you may also post other book-related material, whether that be discussions, recommendations, or links to book resources.

Are there any other community rules?

Yes. Be polite and respectful of other people's reading choices and opinions. While debate is one thing, rudeness and confrontational attitudes are something else entirely. This community should be pleasant and fun for all involved.

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